Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Full auto . . .

So the governor of Kansas recently signed a bill into law that permits Kansans to own machine guns, silencers, sawed off shotguns and other fully automatic weapons.

Now I'm a second amendment guy. Although I don't have the bumper sticker, and have never sent a dime to the NRA, I pretty much think I should have the right to own my great-great grandfather's twelve-gauge Meridan shotgun. And my deer rifle. And .22 caliber rimfire. And the Remingron 870 that I used to not kill a deer last fall. Someday I plan to buy a handgun so I can go to the range with Tim and Dr. Joe and shoot up a paper target or two. Hey, I even think Charlton Heston and his, "from my cold dead hand" thing bit was pretty cool - even if it was ill-timed coming, as it did, on the heels of the Columbine shootings.

But, for the life of Smith and Wesson, I can't figure out why anyone needs to own a machine gun.

The AP story reporting the events in the Sunflower State quotes a politician explaining that the bill is attempting to benefit collectors who want to make, say an M14, part of their collection. Their collection of what - military grade killing tools? Do they plan to display their burp gun on the shelf next to their harmless bazooka and for-show-only claymore mine?

Kansans ought to just do what Michigan rednecks have been doing for decades - filing down the sears on their Model 7400s and attaching drum magazines to their glocks. Or, if they're more well to do, buying a conversion kit on the internet. Of course, we don't install them, we just put them on the shelf. For our collection.


Anonymous said...

You do relize what state you live in don't you. Does the phrase Michigan Militia mean anything to you?

Anonymous said...

You gun totin, lead throwin, cold dead hand lovin radical.

A past huntin buddy

James Pahl said...

6 days after your post I finally thought of my funny comment:

"I guess next time instead of melting the wicked witch Dorothy will light her up!"