Sunday, April 20, 2008

Detour . . . south

I preached from Numbers 21 today about life's detours. My son Caleb and I are headed south to Mexico in June for Caleb's first mission trip. As we make our plans we're finding that we, too, are going to experience a detour. Our original plan called for us to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, but our original travel dates conflict with a wedding that I have committed to performing.

As a result, Caleb and I will be traveling with a group from the Butler Church of Christ to Baja California. We'll be building a house in Tecate - the home of a large cervezaria.

Our trip will cost us $2484. So far, we've raised approximately $1750, so if any of you Frankly Speaking readers would like to contribute, we'll gladly put your offering to good use building a home for a needy Mexican family. You can do so by Paypal. Just go to your account and send money to frank@southlansingcc.og.


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