Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another day in Haiti . . . Wednesday edition

Yesterday was a good day in Haiti. It began sadly, though. A one-year-old boy named Roberson was brought into the clinic with severe malnutrition. He weighed only eight pounds. His mother, who is mentally challenged, was unable to care for him properly and brought him from the Far West to the clinic. He was immediately started on a special formula called F75 that contains milk, vitamins, oil and I'm not sure what else. The little guy cries all the time and even his whimper is pitiful. Hopefully he will respond to the formula and will gain weight. Hopefully the effects of his first year of life will not be lasting. Thank God for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Otherwise Roberson would have died.

The day ended with a "hoedown" at the mission cafeteria. All the children from the baby orphanage and Heaven's Waiting Room joined the "blancs" and the elderly folks (the gran moun) for a night of dancing, games, crafts, and refreshments. It was a blast! I don't think any of us could have anticipated it would go over so big. Here are some pics . . .

Baby Kinderson with one of the nurses about to be fed.

Suzanne Miller, a member of South Lansing Christian Church, and a nurse at Ingham Regional Medical Center, has her hair braided by a Haitian woman. This sort of activity helps the local economy by putting American dollars into the hands of Haitians.

The gran moun (Haitian for old person) enjoy the hoedown, complete with ten gallon hats.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Frank. I am so thrilled that you are keeping in touch with us here.. I pray everything goes well. I would love to go next time around.

Please keep safe - it's amazing how many lives you are touching this week!!!