Friday, August 08, 2008

Back from Northmen

The Weller men made their way back to Grand Ledge from The Northmen. Our time at the men and boy's rally was great! The preaching was good, but even better was the time spent around the campfire and in the Manistee River.

Now, back to work.

This Sunday Intern Jonathon and I are preaching about Abraham and Sarah. The sermon is titled, Hating the Waiting. I hope to inspire everyone at South to Ask "what" not "why," then wait and apply. All too often, when God has us in the waiting room, we ask "Why me, God?"

A young couple struggles to conceive. A son watches his parent slowly suffer a debilitating terminal illness. A single adult watches as friend after friend marries and wonders how long the wait will be before God reveals her life companion. A teenager wonders is she will ever turn eighteen and be free from her parents' abusive anger. Waiting. We all hate it, I think.

I'll admit, I've been blessed. I've not had to wait as long as some folks. Good thing, really. I'm not too patient - certainly not as patient as many I've met. When I do wait, though, I have learned the importance of asking "what?" What is it you want to teach me, God? What change do you want to make in my character? What are you going to reveal about Yourself to me through this circumstance?

Asking, "why?" never really leads to anything productive or useful. Asking, "what?" though - that's altogether different. Not easier, mind you, just more useful.


Soren said...

I was bumed that I had to miss THe Northmen this year. So who knocked it out da park?

Frank Weller said...

Honestly, there were no real standouts. My favorite was probably Tony Sullivan. Everyone was solid, but I don't think there was any "wow-this-guy-was-amazing" factor. I didn't get to hear George Faull, however, and I imagine he was impressive. Guess they need Kjergaard in the lineup.

Soren said...

Tony is a lot of fun, and a good friend.

Our guys brought back the CDs. I'm looking forward to listening to them.

It's time for a Northmen podcast, dontcha think?