Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great neighbors

The Weller home in Grand Ledge was smacked by the storms that ripped through central Michigan on Saturday night. I stood and watched from the shelter of my garage as the neighbor's cottonwood whipped back and forth. I thought, for sure, it was going to go over. As it happened, it was our cottonwood that did not make it.

The twenty-five foot, twenty-five year old tree blew down across the entrance to our subdivision blocking our only way in and out. We were blessed that it did not land on (or perhaps in) the house. In the morning, as I left to go to church, I found myself unable to leave. My son and I grabbed the bow saw and hacked a few branches off to allow our car to squeeze through.

I left church expecting to come home to a cleanup chore. The neighbors, though, had it pretty well in hand. The tree was nearly completely cut up when I got home.

We fared well compared to many Grand Ledge residents. Coming back from an afternoon wedding on Sunday we were unable to get into town on M-100. Jenne Street remains closed. They did manage to clear Degroff Street so we were able to get home. Thankfully our power was restored by about 9:30 P.M. I know many others who were without power yet this morning.

The power of God in nature overwhelms me. When I realize that the wind and thunder and lightning are not even a fraction of God's omnipotence I am humbled.

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