Monday, September 03, 2007

My favorite month

September is here - my favorite month. For my DeKalb County, Indiana friends, the reasons are obvious:
  • The Auburn-Cord-Dusenberg Festival. 100,000 people descend on my home county to buy and sell classic cars. Since my cousin married into the Kruse auctioneering family, I've been blessed to have some free tickets to the festival come my way over the years. They've been worth every penny someone else paid for them. (And much appreciated.)
  • High School Football. The Eastside Blazers opened play and I wasn't there to see their collision with the mighty Garrett Railroaders. I did see the Grand Ledge Comets play and it was a ton of fun. Still, I miss Chuck cheering "First down! Move those sticks!"
  • The National Football League. The Colts open Thursday night against the Saints. Back to back? I think so.
  • The DeKalb County Free Fall Fair. My home county's fair is the last in the State of Indiana. This year, for the first time in many years, I won't be working the morning grill at the Bar None Saddle Club. I plan to stop in on Friday, though, and enjoy the great food and fine company.
  • Deer season. The quest for a big buck begins with the Michigan youth hunt later this month. Perhaps we'll bring home a wall-hanger this year. But even if we don't, we'll bring home plenty of good memories.
  • Color. The leaves, they are a changin'. I'm actually looking forward to the drive to and from work each day as I enjoy the splash of autumn hues that dot the roadside.
Yep. September is my favorite month. Sure glad it's here again!

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Anonymous said...

I actually have a few different ways to get to South, and I look forward to taking them so that I can enjoy more fall scenery without significantly adding to my travel time! Fall is one of the greatest times to live in Michigan. Fall and winter.