Monday, July 30, 2007

An evening at the Lickety Split

We're moved into our new home in our new hometown, Grand Ledge, Michigan. It seems like a nice place, so far.

Last night my sons and I rode our bikes to the Lickety Split for an ice cream cone. Grand Ledge is the sort of place where residents argue - good naturedly - about their ice cream. There are two summer stands where folks can buy frozen treats: the Lickety Split and the Corner Cone. Grand Ledgeians (is that the right word?) seem divided over which is best.

We enjoyed our cones from "the split." The only reasonable thing we can do now, though, is to stop by the corner cone and decide for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Grand Ledge Weller Family. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Brian & Tricia Stehle

Frank Weller said...

Thanks, you two! Come by and see us, or drop me an email at so we can connect! Blessings!