Friday, June 06, 2008

Welcome home, Stanley

Jonah and I traveled to Detroit today with my buddy Fred to hang out at Hart Plaza celebrating the Red Wing's Stanley Cup victory. It was a blast! The day started with us hanging out at the Joe watching players arrive for the parade. Fred was able to get a great shot of Chris Draper hoisting the cup just a few feet away in the Joe Louis players' parking lot. Then we headed to Hart for the big rally. There were gazillions of people there. (Crowd estimates were several hundred thousand).

My favorite moment of the day, though, was when Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick took the stage to offer his congratulations to the Wings. When I first saw him on the state, I leaned over and told Fred, "The question isn't if they will boo the mayor, the question is: will they stop?"

The answer is "no."

From the moment Kwame was introduced, the crowd screamed their boos and cat-calls, and didn't stop until he left the podium. I was only fifty yards from the stage, directly in front of the speakers, and I couldn't hear a word of what he was saying.

It's time for the mayor to get a clue and move on.

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John A. Scott said...

The final game was fantastic Frank. I was yelling "NO" at the team when the puck was just crossing in front of the goal as time was expiring. To watch them pass the cup around and be so proud of their accomplishment was just great. Great for Michigan, Detroit and the game of hockey. That has to be the toughest sport of all. Your thoughts on the mayor are right on...he needs to leave.