Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hamming it up

Graduation open house season 2008 is finally in the books. Tracy and I attended several. I've said for years now that we should publish a newsletter with a ratings system for open houses. You know:
The Smith open house featured a wide assortment of appetizers and free Pepsi products. There were yard games for everyone, but regrettably they were monopolized by the extended family. In particular, the young cousins were loud and Uncle Buck's cigar smoke somewhat tainted the atmosphere of an otherwise fine party. While the punch was a bit heavy on ginger ale, that was more than compensated for by a graduation cake consisting of, not two, but three flavors - chocolate, white and spice cakes. We give it three and a half diplomas.
We traveled to several open houses. Of course we didn't get invited to Amanda's. (Knew I'd throw that in there didn't you Amanda. That's okay, you're future father-in-law will still pay for your rehearsal dinner.)

Tracy took this pic at Megan's open house. Her dad, Jeff, and I have a sort of (not to be read as sordid) bizarre relationship. He's a great friend, and we're all proud that he and Beth have successfully graduated two of three fine young adults. That still leaves Rebecca. We're expecting her to turn out just as well - especially since we're planning on having her for a daughter-in-law someday . . . Hey a dad can dream, can't he?

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