Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More from Dave Ramsey

Mrs. Frankly and I went to lunch today at bd's Mongolian Barbecue. Very tasty! Since our birthdays are only fifteen hours apart, and since bd's offers free lunch on your birthday, we were able to eat for only the cost of our two soda pops and the tip.

While there, I engaged our server, Jonathon, in conversation. I mentioned that I am preaching about Jonathon this Sunday. He asked what church I preach at and, when I told him South Lansing Christian Church on Aurelius Road, he knew it right away. "I drive past there on my way to work in Ionia every day," he told me.

"What are you doing driving to Ionia?" I asked.

"I manage a Walgreen's there."

"Then what are you doing waiting tables here?"

His response: "This is my Dave Ramsey job."

Tracy and I looked at each other and cracked up. We went on to talk about FPU and the recent car repair he had that cleaned out his emergency fund. He told me that he bought life insurance recently and, when the salesman tried to sell him whole life, he insisted on term. The insurance salesman pressed him to get whole but when Jonathon stayed true to FPU the guy said, "Wait a minute. You're in that class aren't you?"

"What class?"

"The one with that radio guy."

"You mean Dave Ramsey?"

"Yeah that's the one. You're not going to buy this policy are you?"


Way to go Jonathon. And way to go Dave. Thanks for helping Tracy and I work through our financial challenges. So far, we've paid off over $4,000 in debt and have about $500 in our emergency fund. We're on week seven and moving along strong. I've got my own "Dave Ramsey job," too, and we're looking to become debt free - to live like no one else so we can give like no one else.

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Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!

Good job Frank & Tracy!

FPU is a great program.

Carol & I paid off a little over $12,000 in 5 1/2 months after we started the class in 2007. We are now debt free except our house and a car fleece. We are currently saving up to buy out of the car fleece.

I am going to begin coordinating my 2nd class at JRCC tonight (June 4).

Keep up the good work and you will find the Financial Peace that Dave talks about.

Kokomo, IN