Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seriously, though . . . I really want to know

When I wrote about a recently discovered tribe of indigenous people located in the remote Brazilian rain forest last month, I had no idea that the story behind their existence was so, well, mundane. The tribe's existence was touted as an amazing discovery of a hitherto unknown group of native Brazilians. It seems, however that we've known about this tribe's existence for decades. Well, not me and you, but the sociologist types who study these things.

According to a recent internet report, the tribe has been monitored since before the first World War.

Here, again, is my question: "What, if any, responsibility do Christians have to reach this "lost" tribe with the good news of Jesus Christ?" How is it possible that four (or more) generations of these people have died without a saving knowledge of God's Son?

Seriously, I want to know. Should your church and my church be doing something about this?

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Anonymous said...

I think that there were no restrictions or exceptions when Jesus told us to go to all nations and make disciples. But I think that great care should be taken in situations like this. After studying missions history, evangelists often bring more to the table than the good news. I think if we go in with some knowledge of their culture and can find the niche where Christ fits into it without upsetting their balance. It would be a highly worthwhile and necessary experience. But if we were to launch in head first bringing a savior wrapped in our middle class democratic american viewpoint, like a two year old they will forget about the gift and be more interested in the box. That's my 2 cents about it.