Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sole custody of the maple tree

My buddy Mike told me about a guy he knows whose wife recently separated from him. Despite their marital difficulties the husband remained hopeful they might work through it. Then his wife hired a team of people to come to their home and dig up the hosta plants and azalea bushes she had planted. Shortly thereafter a giant tree mover rolled in and extracted the twenty foot tall maple from the front lawn and carted it away leaving a gaping hole in front of the house.

Mike's assessment: this thing ain't gonna blow over.

Seems like there is a metaphor for divorce somewhere in that maple tree's roots, eh Kjergaard?


Soren said...

Talk about bitter! Wow. Yeah, the odds of those two "working it out" aren't very good.

Rod Bisher said...

Sounds as if these two need some Love & Respect counseling.
I know a good source. 'Course you knew I'd say that.

Frank Weller said...

Think maybe they're way past that, Rod. God is going to have to work a miracle in these two. But then there's that free-will thing to deal with.