Thursday, July 02, 2009

NACC: Day Three

An all around great day, topped off by an incredible message from Matt Proctor. Matt spoke from 2 Timothy 2, encouraging us to persevere. Quoting from Remember the Titans, Proctor challenged us to repeat a liturgy:

Proctor: "Do you wanna' quit?"

Congregation: "No!"

"What do you want?"

"We want some more!"

I needed to hear that sermon. I need the encouragement, and am ready to wade back into ministry.

The night concluded with Casting Crowns in concert. One word: Wow!

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Julie said...

I always have to tell people this... The first time I saw Casting Crowns was at Trinity. They were opening up for Rebeca St. James. (Yes, this was a long time ago!)

I loved them! I bought their cd right then and there. That is the first and only time I've purchased a cd at a concert.