Friday, July 03, 2009

NACC: Day Four

Max Lucado wrapped up the 2009 North American Christian Convention earlier today. He preached from John 3:16. I think Max had the sermon memorized, but then he wrote the book on John 3:16 – literally.

Max has been accused by some in our brotherhood of churches for being a bit too Baptistic in his doctrine. (Perhaps rightly so.) That’s why I really appreciated what he said about baptism. He noted that some time ago someone pointed out to him a sentence he said each time he immersed someone into Christ. The phrase that worked its way, unnoticed, into his exercise of the sacrament: “You just bend your knees and I will do all the work.”

Without realizing it, he said that every time he baptized someone.

Frankly speaking, that is really good theology. In baptism we just bend our knees and God does all the work. Maybe Max isn’t as “padded” as some think.

One thing more . . . Mrs. Frankly and I are deeply grateful to the South Lansing Christian Church elders for making it possible for us to attend the NACC this year. While South has been facing some financial challenges, our elders – out of their generosity – suggested we attend and paid the way for us to do so.

We are deeply grateful and will not forget this kindness shown to us.


Soren said...

Glad you enjoyed Max, Frank.

As for his "paddedness", it's still difficult for me to overlook this:

The thief on the cross? Really?

See you at The Northmen!

James Pahl said...

Thanks for the link. I have to be honest. Being raised in one denomination and educated in another, that may be the best understanding of baptism I've ever come across, if you toss the thief on the cross part aside.

mike waugh said...

Is repentance necessary for salvation? Or, is that just an inward act of an outward change that has already occurred, or whatever. I was just wondering.

Actually, if I were to add up all the things I gleaned from the million different "alter calls" I heard at this year's Big Ticket Festival (great time, by the way), I am left to believe that in order to be saved, one must do the following...

1. You must hear the gospel(or at least how Jesus saved some drummer from a $400 a day cocaine habit).
2. You must believe what you heard.
3. You must bow your head (cuz it don't work if you're looking up).
4. You must nod your head in agreement with some variation of the "sinner's pray".
5. You will have to walk somewhere - either up to a stage, or to the large cross in the field (this depends on who's leading you to Christ).
6. You absolutely have to hug someone in an orange vest.
7. You will have to allow the orange-vested person pray for you.
8. While you don't have to, you'll feel obligated to read the "material" the orange-vested person gives you.
9. You must now leave the area (it's not fair that you get to be up front for the next concert, just because you got saved).
10. Finally, you absolutely must tell somebody about what just happened (just in case the 10,000 or so at the concert don't believe you), and without a doubt, you must find a good, Bible-believing church to attend (preferably one that has a rock band leading worship).

Joel said...