Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not sure if I like this idea . . .

Four days ago I was teaching a group of Haitian pastors about the qualifications for Biblical deacons in the pastoral epistles. When I told them that scripture says a deacon must not be addicted to much wine, they all freaked. Seriously. There was a major bruh-haha in the room. They were arguing back and forth with one another. My interpreter, Archimel, was trying to control the chaos.

Then he explained to me what was going on. He told me that the students were telling him, "No, don't write 'Not addicted to much wine.' Instead, write, 'A deacon shouldn't drink.' " To his credit, Archimel told them, "That is not what scripture says."

I was pretty interested, then, when I saw this story in the DesMoines Register about a Methodist pastor that is providing shot glasses for the local bar. They have the church's logo, phone number and the phrase, "Give us a shot."

I'm pretty sure I know what my Haitian pastor friends would say about that.

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James Pahl said...

>insert potentially upsetting joke about what they drink for communion here<