Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another day in Haiti

Yesterday I learned that the missionaries have a phrase for when things don't go according to plan: "Another day in Haiti." Similar to my missionary sister's phrase, "Africa wins again," they use it whenever they are thwarted in their ministry efforts by the circumstances of living in the poorest zone of the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Yesterday's "another day in Haiti" moment: Internet service that did not work.

So with apologies to all who checked in, here are some snaps, albeit a day late.

Here I am teaching in the Bible college. We talked about the importance of church elders. The board has the Greek, English and French words for the three words that denote elders in the New Testament.

Some of the kids in our group took food into the village to feed house-bound senior citizens that can't make their way up the hill to the mission compound. Megan is carrying a container with enough food for four people. This meal is the only food that many of these "gran moun" eat every day. Without it they would starve to death.


Rod Bisher said...

Good stuff! Thanks for posting!
Doesn't look any different than the good ole days at GLCC in class with Doc Doty or Mr. Fisher. Thanks for taking on the calling.
The SLCC Cruisers were in the area last week and we did remember to pray for the mission and you and the mission team's effort there.
Continuing to do so.

Cameron said...

Great Pics. Frank! I'm glad all is going well over there and I'm praying for everyone every day.
Tell Brenda I love her and miss her and cant wait to see all of you soon>