Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reflection on SERVE Day

I just watched the late news on WILX. They ran a story about our SERVE day that begin with, "Well, it's not often that you find a pastor encouraging you to skip church. But that's just what Senior Minister Frank Weller of South Lansing Christian Church did. Today the church skipped their worship service in favor of community service."

Well, I did encourage people to skip our 10 AM service. But I also urged them to come back for a special 6 PM service. And they did - about 300 of them, in fact.

In short, today was amazing. There were 338 people that volunteered to serve. Instead of a worship service, we had service worship. Southies . . .
  • . . . packed a semi-load of clothing for shipment to the Ukraine.
  • . . . prepped a garden plot for spring planting as a community garden.
  • . . . hosted a neighborhood carnival.
  • . . . watched lots of little kids so their parents could participate in SERVE day.
  • . . . decorated gift bags to be sent to Haiti (filled with food for hungry Haitians).
  • . . . took dessert to Lansing Police department's North and South Precincts as well as the Detention unit and the 911 Dispatch center. We even had enough for two fire stations.
  • . . . washed and packaged potatoes for distribution at a local assisted living apartment building.
  • . . . painted playground lines at North Elementary school.
  • . . . cleaned up Burchfield Park.
  • . . . painted a jungle gym at Hawk Island Park.
  • . . . sang and visited at the nursing home.
  • . . . sorted food at the food bank.
  • . . . cleaned the teeth of dozens of head-start kids.
  • . . . packaged enough meals to feed 11,000 people for Kids Against Hunger.
  • . . . built a porch and wheelchair ramp for a disabled man in Mason.
All told, there were over 1,000 "person hours" committed to serving today. Probably more.

For almost a year, our church has been challenged to Seek, Study and Serve God. Today, I sense that our folks really embraced the challenge to serve. I don't know, for sure, the lasting effects of today's efforts. I suspect, however, that our folks are more excited about serving than ever.

Not only did I see a lot of people acting like Jesus today. I think I also saw many of them become more like Him, too. What a day!

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