Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mending, sort of

I've heard about elders that give their preachers black eyes, but I always assumed it was metaphorical. Before today, that is. As you can see from the photo, I am recovering from my surgery quite well. Before South Lansing Christian Church elder, Dana Allen, (not that I am naming names or anything) gave my this shiner with with his pointy elbow.

Dana has what is, arguably, the ugliest jump shot I have seen. Ever. He makes sure he is just behind the three-point line and then throws his six foot six inch frame forward, thrusting his right arm (or is it left) out and upward toward the basket. The other arm not so much guides the ball, but provides the necessary ballast to ensure he doesn't topple over. The thing is, more often than not his ugly shots go in.

I D'ed up on Dana this afternoon at lunchtime. He threw up another nasty looking three and I dove in underneath his shot to try and throw him off a bit. As he came down his pencil sharpened elbow caught me on my orbital socket. Pain. Swelling. No big deal - or so I thought. After showering I walked up to the office and Sue said, "What's with the shiner?" Sure enough I have a black eye that is reminiscent of the old cigarette ads. You know the ones - "I would rather fight than switch!" Way to go Dana!

On the other hand, it has given me the opportunity to point out to anyone who asks that the stitches in the forehead and the bruised eye were given to me by my wife for coming home too late. She loves that. Come to think of it, I better lay off the husband beating humor before she provides some fist-induced symmetry to my already battered melon.


neo-orkuteiro said...

I'm not religious at all so I shun congregations. But I read your blog with zest. Far from a boring sermonizing text, I found a minister with tremendous sense of humor.
I guess I'll turn to your blog again some time soon. I'm a blogger myself and I spend most of my free time blogging. Appreciation, that's what I have to say about what your blog made me feel.
My best compliments from Brazil. Read you later

Frank Weller said...

Thanks, neo! Send me a link so I can check out your stuff, too . . .

Rod Bisher said...

Dude, Dana and I practiced and played together at Great Lakes Christian College.
I'm shorter than you and despite what they say about phrenology, (which Wikipedia describes as "a defunct field of study, once considered a science, by which the personality traits of a person were determined by "reading" bumps and fissures in the skull."), I can tell you that my personality was definitely shaped by Dana's elbows in college, or at least my head was shaped or mis-shaped. Maybe both. Believe me, it changes your personality when you get whacked enough. So I learned how to sharpen my own elbows, just ask Dana's ribs.