Monday, July 07, 2008

From the land of Ur, I mean ER

Its half past midnight and I'm hanging out in the Sparrow Pediatric Emergency Room. Abigail busted her melon tonight at youth group during a game of steal the bacon. She felt kind of woozy at first but then quickly recovered. Later, at the movies, she began to feel nauseated and had a huge headache.

On the advice of a doctor friend we stopped by Sparrow to have her checked out. The folks here tell us she has a "grade 2 concussion." Short term memory blips, trouble concentrating, headache, the pukes. Frankly, it sounds a little like finals week at Grand Ledge.

So we're hanging out waiting for CAT scan results. As soon as they come back we're headed home. Till then, Abby sleeps and I blog and wait.


Anonymous said...

I hope she feels better soon. Let her know that Melissa and I are praying for her. Also, I think after this incident, the youth staff are in agreement that steal the bacon has been retired. I guess we'll just stick with our safe and cushy games of splat ball.

Unknown said...

Wow, that must have been rough for you and Tracy to go through. It seems it's always harder on the parents to see their kids hurt. I remember some of those youth group games back when our kids were in high school. They had lots of fun though. Tell Abby we're prayin' for her. Tell Tracy "hi" for me.

Dwayne said...

Grade 2 concussion? Wow, when Abby does something she certainly goes all out! Please wish her our best.

...and for goodness sake, please have her wear a helmet when she steals bacon in the future.

Frank Weller said...

Thanks for the prayers and concerns. Abby is better - no more headache or nausea. Thankfully we met our deductible earlier in the year, so no worries!