Sunday, July 06, 2008

Headed to Haiti in 2009

Plans are shaping up for our medical mission trip to Haiti on March 13-21, 2009. Our OB/GYN team will perform surgeries all week long while others in the team work with Haitians ranging in age from infants to the elderly. My wife, Tracy, is leading a team from our church and is looking for medical professionals as well as anyone with a heart to serve Jesus.

That means that, while doctors, nurses and other caregivers will be coming along, so can students, teachers, farmers, factory workers and anyone else who is willing to be used by God. There will be plenty for everyone to do: construction-related projects, helping with the nutrition program, cleaning, rocking babies, and just blessing the Haitian folks.

If you're interested in joining our team, or if you would like more information, click here to email Tracy.

While you're contemplating that, take a look at some video reflections of Tracy's trip from March of this year:

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Rod Bisher said...

Great video account! One can see that the kids and the adults genuinely appreciated and loved one another.
We still need to put together a video for all the churches that donated peanut butter.