Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Susan Bandy, R.I.P.

The Lansing State Journal ran an amazing obituary for Susan Patricia Bandy today. While the piece made no mention of Ms. Bandy's faith, it is clear that she was full of life. My favorite bit was a paragraph about her college education and early years of employment:
She spent two years at Lansing Community College, sharpening her social skills, until Pappy drew the line and made her get a job. She went to work in the State Treasury Department mail room and worked her way up the ladder until her skills exceeded her interest. Moving on to the State Highway Department, she found her niche as a drafting technician, but when all the rest areas, highways and parking lots began to look alike, she transferred to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, where the tasks were more varied. She fit right into the Engineering Division Family, and though she retired from the DNR in 2002, she stayed in touch and, of course, never missed a Division party.
They aren't even holding a funeral for Susan. Her last wish was simply that her friends get together and have a party. What a way to be remembered.

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