Monday, February 23, 2009

Back on the market: Round 3

Last May I wrote about our home in Indiana being back on the market. Turns out we are going to be selling it yet again. Unfortunately the nice couple that had purchased it last year are going to be moving out. I say, "unfortunately" because these are some really good folks that we have been blessed to have in our house.

Be that as it may, we now need to sell our house again. The land contract details of price, down payment and monthly payment are being ironed out right now. But if you know someone that wants a really nice home with a lot of updates on a great little corner in a nice small town, have them get in touch with me. You can email me by clicking on the link in the column to the right.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of our "southern home" here below. And, feel free to pass them along to anyone that you know might want to purchase our home.

The front of our home. New windows, doors, siding and roof in 2004.

The kitchen was all new in 2004, too. Custom maple cabinets, center island and ceramic tile flooring.Our dining room with hardwood flooring, chandelier and lots of natural light.

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