Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letting go some more

Regular readers of Frankly Speaking will recall the struggles that I have had with the realization that my first-born is a year away from leaving the nest. You see, Abby is in her year of "one-mores." With each event, Tracy and I look at each other and wordlessly say, "Just one more." Just one more marching band exposition. Just one more season of halftime performances - capped off by Senior night. Just one more winter choir concert. One more spring break. One more . . .

I mentioned this struggle in an email to my friend, Mike, recently. Mike and Kelly have raised a couple of amazing kids. Their son, Tyler, is completing his student teaching right now in anticipation of becoming a teacher. He is engaged to be married to a good Christian girl. Mike and Kelly's daughter, Brittany, is a student at Cincinnati Bible College. They're both exceptional kids that have a bright future ahead of them, and a credit to their parents.

Mike wrote back some encouraging words from which I have taken great comfort:
Thanks for your kind words about our kids. I always thought once they graduated my job was pretty much finished, boy was I wrong. Tyler and Kellie Thorp are getting married this spring and Brittany is going to Florida for spring break. About the year of "last ones". Turns out it isn't as bad as it seems. I shed some tears after Tyler's last high jump and his last soccer game but I survived. It is sad that a part of our lives is ending but I came to realize that for new life to begin sometimes the old life must die. You will find eventually that for every "last" there is a "first" that is even better than you could have dreamed of. You will see the life that you helped create venture out into the world and succeed beyond anything you ever imagined. Then when they fail, and they will, they will return to you for comfort and advice and maybe a kick in the backside. Maybe you already know these things but I hope hearing it again from someone else who is on the journey just a little ahead of you is an encouragement. Hope you and Tracy are well.
We are well, Mike. In fact, maybe we're even a little better because of your encouraging words.

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what you are going through. I am on the opposite end. I am going through firsts with my youngest child. Rachel is in her first year of school. Has her first loose tooth. And we attended our first Daddy Daughter Dance. Wow! What an amazing time!! I will be praying for you and your family! When my son and daughter get to the age of their last times of doing things, I would be PROUD to look to you for advice and encouragement!! Thanks for being Frank!! God Bless!!