Thursday, March 20, 2008

The New SLCC Website

South Lansing Christian Church is rolling out a new website on Easter Sunday.

Frankly Speaking readers have the first opportunity for a sneak peek by clicking here. Do us a favor and root around in the site and then report back. Is it helpful? How can we improve it? Are there any "broken links" that need repaired?

Our goal with the new site is to provide great information, both for Southies, and for those who might be searching for a church. Thanks!


Debbi Rountree said...

Wow, it looks awesome! Great job!

Soren said...

Looks great Frank! I hope The Creek's site is up soon.

Animal Planet, eh? Just yesterday Riddle and I were mocking you about that. I would have been better if you had been here.

Frank Weller said...

It's a great series. You're probably doing some lame exposition of obscure Bible books like, oh I don't know, the gospels.

Rod Bisher said...

Perhaps we should have a local sports page for all the Spartan Fans at South..okay, space for an article for IU and Purdue as well, if we must.
State is into the second round with a win over a good Temple team today:
(12) Temple 61, (5) Michigan State 72

While we're at it, we could have a StarDog corner on the site as well! We could call it StarDog's Barkings....well, maybe not. Anyhow, did you know that Easter is being celebrated on the earliest day that it will be until the year 2160? this is the first decade of the Starship Enterprise, launched in the year 2151:
Well, there's some ramblings that probably won't make the website.
The StarDog

Anonymous said...

Maybe something about some of the other people who are involved in ministry at South. Have short bios about elders and deacons, sunday school teachers, youth sponsors, interns, and small group leaders. Many people do ministry at South but there are lots of people who don't know who does what, just a thought.