Tuesday, March 11, 2008

National Preaching Summit

Just returned from the National Preaching Summit. What a great couple of days to be encouraged and to build my skills in preaching. Six great preachers taught us over the course of two days. Here are a couple of gems (taken out of context, of course):

“Some people brighten up a room just by leaving it.” - Jeff Walling

“Do people love to bask in the glow of your absence?” - Jeff Walling

“Build your cabin in the woods and then build a road to get there.” – Fred Craddock

“Do our churches look like the Amish? You love to take pictures of the Amish, but you don’t want to move in with them.” - Jeff Walling

“What seeker sensitive is to the church, global warming is to politics.” - Bob Russell

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Mike Waugh said...

That "Amish" quote will preach up here in Farwell - there's a large Amish community in nearby Clare.