Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday afternoon update

The forecast for today: peanut butter. The jars keep rolling in. Here is the count:


Anonymous said...

Those students really want to see you pied don't they?

A word of warning, My roommate and I went to the kroger on Saginaw (right near GLCC) to load up on some peanut butter and the night manager yelled at us and tolds us that if we tried to ever buy that much peanut butter again that he would limit us, even after hearing it was for starving children. So be aware that the night manager at kroger will be looking out for the peanut butter patrons.

Take care Frank,

Frank Weller said...

I think I saw that guy before. Oh yeah, Chad Vader, Night Manager.

Funny thing is this . . . I am headed there to buy 50 jars tonight. See what he says about that!

James Pahl said...

As Randy said so well on my blog, be sure to use the following labels as you send in your peanut butter.

"S" - for Students in Haiti
"Y" - for starving Youth
"C" - for hungry children

Do not under any circumstance use the letter A. Why?

"A" - for atheists

Rod Bisher said...

Do I have to go into why your assessment of said letter "A" is also totally incorrect. or would you just like to concede gracefully?

Debbi Rountree said...

Kroger at S. Cedar/Willoughby is out of the 10 for $10 jars. This is awesome!

Caleb said...


Chad Vader haha. You know you are going to end up with a pie in your face I mean you may as well give up. jk
But really prepare to lose

James Pahl said...

Of course don't forget that if we get 2500 jars we all get pied.

I concede Rod, A can be for "awesome."

Anonymous said...

Hey papi...yea we are totally gonna win. THE YOUTH ROCKS...ADULTS STINKS!!!!
luv ya bunches,

Anonymous said...

If Kroger is out then somebody get a rain check. Then we can collect money and then go use the rain check.