Friday, February 22, 2008

Cheat once . . . get a new job. Cheat twice . . . get $750,000

Sampson is out at IU. The whole thing turns my stomach.

One of our own, Dan Dakich, will be leading the Hoosiers the rest of this season. As one of Coach Knight's players, I can't imagine Dakich disgracing the Hoosier Hoops program the way Sampson has done.

As my dad, Larry, would say, "let's analyze this." Myles Brand fires coach Knight because he puts his hands on some players (one was his own son) and later a smart-alack student. Should Knight have choked Neil? No. Was he in the wrong? Yes. But Knight didn't cheat. Ever.

Brand and his toadie Greenspan cut coach Knight loose. Then who does Greenspan hire? A cheater. A one-time loser who promises to go straight but doesn't deliver. Great call, Greenspan. Super legacy Myles.

I heard Isaiah Thomas is available. And he promises not to hit on the gals in the front office.

I'm sure there is another anonymous donor to pony up a half million dollars when the next cheater Greenspan hires has to leave town. As for the other quarter mil that Sampson gets in his settlement, ESPN is reporting that the money is coming from "university funds." Translation: Indiana tax-dollars. Since IU is a state college, it appears that the hard earned of Indiana citizens is being used to pay off a cheater who should never have been hired in the first place.

I know, I know, I sound bitter. You have to be an Indiana boy to really understand my outrage. Trust me, my little tirade is bland compared to the vitriol they're hearing in the Hoosier state right now. And rightfully so.


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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Frank!

I'm pleasantly surprised Dakich is getting the chance to be interim coach. The bad news is that he doesn't stand a chance to be the permanent replacement. Greenspan wouldn't hire a Knight protege' to permanently take over the program.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to sign my post.

"I'm right there with you Frank!"

Kokomo, IN

Anonymous said...

As much as I dispise IU and it's basketball program, It oo (Can't believe I'm saying this!) agree that Bob Knight never cheated. If he had better control of his temeper and had at least the personality that the good Lord gave a house fly, he may have been the greatest coach of all time. Indiana certainly would have been in better shape. By hiring a known cheater, what signal does that send to their students? Now what do you tell them after you give the guy a second chance and he blatently spits in their face by doing it again?

I do agree with what I heard on ESPN radio, the kids shold not be punished by surrendering their chances to play int he tournament. Perhaps the school ought to be denied any profits of winning it he tournamanet, but the kids can't help that poor leadership hired a cheater.

Scott - Butler, IN

Wally said...

Frank, in light of the peanut butter challenge, you should feel right at home with the cheaters!