Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm too sexy for my church . . .

Pastor Paul Wirth at Relevant Church in Tampa Bay, Florida says Christians are not having enough sex. That's why he has challenged the married members of his congregation to have sex every day for thirty days. In other news, church attendance by men increases dramatically.

Seriously, though, Wirth and his church are making an attempt to restore sex to its rightful place. Along with his challenge to married couples, Wirth is urging single members to abstain from sexual contact for thirty days, too.

I've asked the Southies to pray every day for thirty days. I recently urged them to begin tithing, if they're not already doing so. Am I missing something? Is this the next logical step for South Lansing Christian Church?


Anonymous said...

Not sure where Jesus taught that if you force something just as an external ritual, it will help your relationships?

"Wirth is urging single members to abstain from sexual contact for thirty days"

Uhhh, how about abstaining until they're married? Or is that too difficult for singles today - so let's just modify the Gospel to fit the preferences of society?

On the other hand - awesome music on their homepage, so I'm all for it after all...

Anonymous said...

I can't remember, does Foster have a chapter on sex in his Celebration of Discipline?

If you were to issue a 30 day challenge, you'd better hurry - it looks like both the Pistons and the Red Wings are going to have good runs in their respective playoffs races.

Mike Waugh

Soren said...

What if each day, for 30 days, they are praying to have sex?

Louie Mercer, Frank Mercer and Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dudes said...

Great stuff. I posted it on our blog.

Mike Ellis