Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Putting butts in the pews

I've heard that more than one church is promoting a sermon series with the provocative title, "Pure Sex."  Now, a Florida television station is reporting that some Florida drivers are finding the billboard promoting the series is distracting to some motorists.  Here is the billboard.  What say you, Frankly readers?  How far is too far in trying to reach pagans with what the Bible teaches?  Where is the line between "in the world," and "of the world?"


Anonymous said...

There's a line in the song by Casting Crowns called 'What This World Needs' that talks about trying to be so relevant that there is no perceived difference between us and the world.

I can't say that I object particularly ... I think it's not in good taste. We need to avoid marketing ourselves to death.

What if we did a billboard of a youth smoking a crack pipe with the caption: Get High On Jesus this week at First Church.

It sort of gets into the same territory as the 'shock jocks' on the radio, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I object to the signs... It certainly gets your attention, but is it 'unholy' because it shows two pairs of feet? If that is a "violation" -- would it be okay to show the phrases without the feet?

I do think the "Get High" caption would be wrong, since drug use is illegal and immoral. Married sex is Biblical.

CLEARLY the image of sex in this world is far from the one God intends. So we can ignore it, or preach it - and if the goal is to reach those outside of Christ, we need to get them in the door. Still not saying I'd pitch in to buy one of those for Frank's next series, but I'm not going to drive down there to protest...

Interesting take on the reaction from their preacher:

Anonymous said...

The sign says nothing about the couple whose feet you see being married.

Anonymous said...

In a Biblical sermon series on sex, it will be within marriage only. There is no exception.

Anonymous said...

my point was, without the implacation of marriage on the sign, what does that say to pagans about the churchs stance on sex. I agree no exception in a Biblical series. But where is the line between the world and the church?

Soren said...

Granger Community Church (near South Bend, IN) was the first to do this I think. They were even more provocative, urging people to go to (which directed them to the church site with info. about the series). They got a lot of publicity about this (both good and bad).

I think you need to know your audience and your community. This probably wouldn't fly in the Leo/Grabill area, but I do appreciate what they are trying to do.

However, we can become a bit too gimmicky sometimes (and of course the world sees right through this).

Lorabele said...

I find the whole thing objectionable. It's a church's version of ambulance chasing. It's TMZ, in your face reporting. It's screaming car salesmen and those people in the mall who want you to change your phone service. Enough. I don't see this as evolutionary or visionary; I don't see this as a way that Jesus would want us to bring people to him.

Have we "evolved" so much as a society that this is what churches must do? I sure hope not. I think churches need to rise above this type of thing. Why can't we be out there peddaling hope, love, devotion, support, salvation? I think this is just sad. There must be better ways to attract new people to a congregation.