Monday, December 17, 2007

Alan Keyes?

Michigan's early primary has forced me to begin thinking through my vote considerably earlier than in the past. I am struggling to decide who to vote for. I appreciate Mike Huckabee, but am perturbed by his fiscal policy. I like McCain on immigration. Mitt Romney's state was the first in the nation to marry homosexual couples. Where was his leadership on that issue. Mayor Giuliani's pro-choice position, when coupled with his marriage problems, makes me wonder about his commitment to the family (Dr. Dobson notwithstanding).

I'm taking a hard look at Alan Keyes. He doesn't have a prayer of winning. But he stands for what I stand for. I still remember his capital punishment answer during a 2000 presidential debate. It was the clearest, most sensible treatment of that issue that I've ever heard from a politician. (Why is it that the pols who make the most sense don't seem to have a prayer of wining?)

Jon, a guy I play hoops with on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is urging me to vote for Ron Paul, but I can't bring myself to vote for a guy whose part advocates the legalization of marijuana.

I'm thinking Keyes more and more. I wonder . . . is he even on the ballot in Michigan? [No, as t turns out] Now who?


Soren said...

Alan Keyes rocks.

Did I ever tell you that I met him once? He was speaking at a Crisis Pregnancy Banquet, and I was the minister giving the Benediction. I actually got to speak with him for a few minutes.

David H. Willis said...

You like McCain on immigration? You might want to check out His imigration bill is known as the "McCain-Kennedy" bill - nuff said!

I'm a Ron Paul guy (speaking of candidates without much of a chance).

Anonymous said...

The only one i liked was Stephen Colbert and he pulled his name off the only ballot he was South Carolina.

Too bad Mike Pence or Mitch Daniels isn't running....or Alan Keyes.

Kokomo, IN