Monday, April 30, 2007

Just finished reading . . .

A men's group I am leading and I just finished Andy Stanley's book Visioneering. It was a good read. Check out a couple of quotes that I liked:

". . . our secular pursuits have more kingdom potential than
our religious ones. For it is in the realm of our secular pursuits that secular people are watching."

"God's ultimate plan for your life reaches beyond the vision he's given you for your family, business, ministry, and finances. He has positioned you in your culture as a singular point of light. A beacon in a world that desperately needs to see something divine, something that is clearly not of this world."

"I've yet to hear a story of a Christian motorist being flagged down by another driver who was pierced to the heart by the sight of a fish on the back of a car. And our Sunday morning routines certainly haven't left the world standing in awe of our God."

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