Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Amazing Film

I first became acquainted with William Wilberforce through the writings of Charles Colson . Chuck seemed to hold Wilberforce in pretty high regard, but I knew little of the historical figure. Writing on Colson's website, Kevin Belmonte said,
Perhaps the most telling description ever written of evangelical reformer William Wilberforce comes from writer and philosopher Sir James Mackintosh. "I never saw anyone," Mackintosh wrote in 1830, "who touched life at so many points." Fitting words indeed for the man about whom it was also said: "No Englishman has ever done more to evoke the conscience of the British people and to elevate and ennoble British life."
I learned something more of that great abolitionist when Mrs. Frankly and I viewed the movie Amazing Grace last night.

I highly recommend it.

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