Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Atta Boys for Ripken & Gwynn

Baseball's iron man, Cal Ripken, Jr., and the baby-faced Tony Gwynn were elected into the Hall of Fame today. Succeeding on the first ballot, Ripken and Gwynn are no-brainers. Way to go , fellas!

Left out in the cold was Mark McGwire who finished with less than half of the necessary votes required to send him to Cooperstown. Ninth in the balloting, McGwire was trailed by Tommy John, who was immortalized by a surgery that bears his name and Steve Garvey, whom I will never forgive for what he did to my Cubs in 1984.

According to AP writer, Hank Bloom, "McGwire's dismal showing raises doubts about whether he will ever get elected. . ." I hope he doesn't. I agree with the writer who said something like, "McGwire told congress he wanted to forget the past. When I cast my vote, I'll make sure I do just that."

If Pete can't get it, Mac shouldn't either.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Pete Rose and Mark McGuire should not be in the HOF. On the other hand Ron Santo SHOULD be there!