Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not according to plan

I heard a preacher say recently, "Ask 'what' not 'why' then wait and apply." I've been doing that today.

Had to take Abby to the eye doctor because her left eye was in pain and really, really red. Turns out she has "multiple corneal ulcers." We spent the next hour finding a pharmacy that had the medication the optometrist prescribed in stock.

Jonah had his eye doctor appointment, too. But with Abby being squeezed in, his was pushed back, meaning I didn't get into the office until 2:30 PM. Now I am headed out to East Lansing to drop Jonah off at the physician's office for his sports physical.

I'm not whining (am I?), just explaining that the whole "waiting thing" I talked about this last Sunday applies to preachers, too. God wants to teach me patience, just like the rest of us.

Oh . . . Abby has to wear her glasses for the next month. She's hating that . . .


Anonymous said...

The sign of anything worth reading is that it may spark some controversey. This post is not what I have come to expect when reading Frankly Speaking. While slightly interesting, it's bland. You will not make everyone happy all of the time. Lessons sometimes are painful to learn, and sometimes the most barking comes from those that it touches closest to the heart.

Don't forget why you write this blog.

I hope Abby's eye gets better.

James Pahl said...

I wouldn't say you're whining in this post.

I would say you would be doing people a disservice if you were not still learning about the things you teach people every week. You can't lead someone somewhere you haven't gone yourself!

I didn't see the fireworks from a few posts ago but I hope you'll still be encouraged by my thoughts on this matter.

Rod Bisher said...

Hey, I've found out that when you pray for patience, God doesn't give you patience, hHe gives you opportunities to diisplay patience as a way to Glorify Him.
Love in Christ,