Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm reading Thomas Friedman's award winning book, From Jerusalem to Beirut. I was interested to read what he had to say about the victim mentality. Speaking of Menachim Begin's willingness to violently confront the PLO, Friedman wrote: "Someone who sees himself as a victim will almost never morally evaluate himself or put limits on his own actions. Why should he? He is the victim."

That made me think of something my friend Lee Bracey, Executive Director of Woodburn Christian Children's Home often says: "We're not raising victims, we're raising overcomers." I'm glad Lee and WCCH are raising overcomers. Maybe that is why their kids more often break the "victim cycle" from which they come.

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Anonymous said...

I recently read (and regret that I cannot credit the source) "the difference between winners and losers is that winners pick themselves up one more time, brush off the dirt and go right back at it."
So I have to ask: Do you wanna sweep dirt or lose?