Friday, February 10, 2006

The Good News is . . .We Met our Co-Pay

This has been quite a week at the Weller home. On Monday, Abigail twisted her knee in a basketball game. The clock was ticking down under a minute, and she was wrestling for a rebound when the opposing player threw her to the ground. Her face twisted in pain as tears cascaded down her cheeks. A trip to the ER, the doctor, and the ortho surgeon later we're still waiting word on her condition. They're pretty sure she doesn't have a torn ACL, but next week's MRI will tell the tale.

Then there is Caleb. He came home from school early on Monday complaining of tummy pain. I gave him my sternnest no-Playstation-lay-on-the-couch-and-stay-there speech. Sixty minutes later he was upchucking, an unfortunate pattern that continued throughout the rest of the day. By yesterday morning, the pain had intensified and he couldn't stand up straight. We took him to the doctor who sent him to the ER (two trips in one week - a record for our family). A blood test revealed an elevated white blood cell count. Dr. Justice's trained hands diagnosed appendicitis. So Bubba lost his appendix about five-fifteen last night. He's doing well though.

Some thoughts. First, people are good. The folks at Fremont Middle School went out of their way to help Abby. They got her a wheelchair and made arrangements to pick it up so we wouldn't have to backtrack. The physicians and nurses at both emergency rooms (Cameron Memorial and Dupont Hospital) were caring and professional. Sherri stopped on her way home from work in Angola to pick up the X-rays to save us a trip. The orthopedic surgeon at ONE and the wall full of pictures of athletes he has treated gave us confidence in his ability. Our youth minister, Scott and his wife Jenny have been a blessing. Scott was here with us most of day yesterday. When Jenny got off work, she brought dinner for us. The Thorps, Sprungers and Steeres watched our other children for us so Tracy and I could stay overnight at the hospital.

Dr. Justice is the best. He is a fine surgeon and a good Christian man. It was reassuring to know that Caleb was in God's hands, and in the hands of a surgeon who is in God's hands. Dupont hospital is unlike any healthcare facility I've ever experienced. The rooms are comfortable. The staff is gracious. They have room service on call (Caleb just ate some french fries, in fact). Most impressive for me, though, is the free wireless internet. It is how I am able to blog sitting at Caleb's side watching him and my exhausted wife slumber. It is also how I was able to email my sermon to our staff and IM with them concerning Caleb's condition.

Yes, this experience has reaffirmed to me the goodness of God's children. People are good. And, Frankly Speaking, that is good news in a world that is in desperate need of good people.

PS - If you don't see much of Jonah in the next few days, I'm guessing he is hiding out in the house, refusing to venture forth in fear that he might be next!

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