Thursday, February 16, 2006

Davis Out at IU

ESPN reported Mike Davis' resignation at a Thursday afternoon news conference. You've got to feel bad for the guy. He had impossibly large shoes to fill. And, in spite of a predisposition to whining, Davis is a pretty classy guy, a devoted family man, and a strong Christian. He'll bounce back. Hopefully, so will IU.


Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions about Davis leaving IU. I agree he seems to be a good guy and a Christian man and I wish him all the best.

I just don't hink he was the right man for the job plus the fact that he was following a legend.

If I remember correctly Gene Bartow folowed John Wooden at UCLA and he posted 3-4 straight 20 win seasons and made the NCAA each year. But that wasn't enough, UCLA fans had gotten spoiled and he left under pressure. He wound up being pretty successful at UAB.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to sign my anonymus post that mentions Gene Bartow.

And I'm glad to hear you like NASCAR.

Bruce S.
Kokomo, IN