Thursday, January 19, 2006

A New Weight for a New Year

Here are my latest before and after photos. The first one is of me July 4th, 2005 with my friend Fred Lab at his lake cottage. I weigh about 340 pounds. The second is two weeks ago. In it I weigh 254 pounds. I've since broken the 250-barrier and weigh 249.8! My goal: to reach my college weight of 220 pounds and then re-evaluate to see if I need to stabilize or drop some more. Thanks to all who encourage me so faithfully in this journey toward better health!


Soren said...

Go Franky!

Anonymous said...

glad you lost weight

it is really cool


Anonymous said...

hey dad this is caleb i am at school on friday the 20 during 7th period i just wanted to say that i am very happy you lost weight

love caleb

Anonymous said...

Way to go Frank!

Bruce S.
Kokomo, IN

Anonymous said...

Way to go Frank.
We are all praying for you.

The Christianson's

Anonymous said...


I'm very proud of you. You look great and I know that you feel better. It is an inspiration to see someone recognize what's good for them and take the necessary steps to achieve success. A lesson that could be used spiritually as well.

God Bless,
Scott S.