Sunday, January 08, 2006

Letter from an airman

The Butler Sons of the American Legion and several individuals combined to create a very Merry Christmas for Airman Trevor Thompson. Trevor is a young man from Butler Church of Christ who is serving in the United States Air Force in Great Britain. Together, we were able to purchase Trevor a laptop computer with which he can email his fiance, family and friends. Here is an email I received from him today, typed on his new computer:

hey frank, how's it goin in butler, indiana? things are goin pretty good here... i'm stayin pretty busy with work... i love workin on these F-15's.... i am glad that i got this job for the most part... i love what i do, but it is a pretty demanding job.... and it is long hours.... which will be kinda stressful for when abby first gets here getting settled in to a new house and a new country and me working a lot, but we will be ok... we can make it work!!!

anyways... i wanted to apologize for just now being able to write to you.... i have wanted to for quite a while now but all i get done is work and sleep and work and sleep... but i just wanted to say thank you a million times for getting this computer for me! i can't tell you how much it means to me.... i had a pretty expensive phone bill calling to the states last month, but now i can e-mail all the time and i talk to abby on instant messenger, so i can still stay in touch with everyone at home and save a ton of money (that i can put towards a wedding ring, and a car when she gets here, and furniture for our house on base, they don't come furnished) so i am saving back almost everything i am making... i only spend money on groceries every once in a while... so this computer is helping me out a ton in more ways than one....

but i gotta get going for now.. it is 0400 and time for bed! hope all is well at home and i hope things are going good at church....

Things are going well at church, Trevor. And they are going well here at home because men and women like you are keeping us safe and free. God bless you, brother!

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Thanks to all of the people in our military that help to keep us safe and free.

Bruce S.
Kokomo, IN