Thursday, May 22, 2008

Way down in Kokomo

Headed back to central Indiana on Sunday to preach at the Judson Road Christian Church. Tracy and I were really blessed to begin full-time ministry with the gold folks at Kokomo Church of Christ, as they were then known. Dr. Gary Carpenter was my "boss," mentor, and encourager. Gary is still preaching at Judson Road. He is, quite simply, one of my favorite preachers. Gary is away on a well-deserved sabbatical.

Tracy and I are looking forward to seeing the McCartys, the Russells, the Snows, the Kuhns, the Baers, and regular Frankly Speaking reader "Bruce," and dozens of other people who played a huge role in our early ministry years. We might even cruise through Highland Park to see "Old Ben." It oughta be a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Frank, thanks for the ink.

I wish you were preaching any day but race day. Carol and I are leaving around 7:00 to go to the race on the Coca-Cola bus.

I will get a report from Kevin on Tuesday.....I'm sure your sermon will be great. I know I always enjoyed them when you were at KCC.

Kokomo, IN