Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally . . .

We're finally getting Wi-Fi at our home. We had Comcast for 60 days, and it only worked about half the time. It was a horrible experience, so much so that I contacted the Better Business Bureau for the first time in my life.

Now Arialink has come to Grand Ledge, so we're hopeful that, when they hook it up later this morning, we can surf and email without complication. Yes!


Soren said...

Wi-Fi rocks. We got Verizon DSL a few months ago. Haven't had any problems.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Wellers!

StarDog said...

I have Comcast, and it's worked fine, but that's probably because I'm only a mile from their Miller Rd. location and if it doesn't work, they probably know that I know where to find them.
But, yeah, Wi-Fi is definitely the best. I love being able to take my MacBook Pro whereever, and link up.
I'm just now onto a laptop, unlike my two iPod and iPhone sons, who will soon be iTouch gurus.
Happy Thanksgiving (or have a tremendous tryptophanic Thursday).