Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rutgers fans shame on you

My blood is boiling after reading Mark Diiono's column about the Rutger - Navy football game last Saturday. After you read it yours will too. Apparently, the future white-collar workers of America got all liquored up and, from the safety of the stands, harrassed the Navy players. Okay. Fine. That is football.

But Saturday they crossed the line from fan to fanatic by personally attacking men who, following graduation, will be protecting their right to be jackasses at football games.

I sent an email to NCAA President Miles Brand asking him what he intends to do about it, and I urge readers of Frankly Speaking to do the same.

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Rod Bisher said...


Perhaps you have already, but in case you haven't, I accessed Rutgers University's Scarlet Knight's news release page and I thought you might want to see this Open Letter To Rutgers Students From Gregory Blimling, Vice-President for Student Affairs, and Robert Mulcahy, Director of Athletics:

I read each of the posts on Mark Diiono's column and they gave an overall perspective from both camps.
The truth of the matter is clarified when one clears away the the less important statements in the postings and picks up on the one thread that is clear in the pointed statements of some of the contributors. Following this thread as one contributor offered, "cultural values on a downward spiral..." and after reading these statements, one should consider the rest of society and it's attitude. Then, I would encourage everyone to read Romans 1:18-32;2:1-11. Also 2 Peter 3:1-13
The "Last days" indeed, began with the apostles, but they are ever nearer today.