Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jonah's Game-O-Rama

Saturday morning Jonah participated in Grand Ledge's version of a sixth grade football jamboree, the Game-O-Rama. They played four mini games against Dewitt and Waverly. The first two games were uneventful for Jonah. During the third game though, while on defense, Jonah woke up and turned into a one-man wrecking crew.

The carnage began when the quarterback dropped three steps to hand the ball off on the left side to the half-back. Only the half-back wasn't there. In a panic, the QB spun around to the right and met Jonah head on. It was the hardest hit I've ever seen him make. All the dads went "whoa!!!" All the moms sucked air.

After that Jonah went on a run of five straight tackles behind the line of scrimmage, including the sack you see here. The opponents finally decided to double team him. One play saw J get hammered - it was pretty cool, really. That didn't stop him, though, and by the time the game was over, Jonah chalked up about a dozen solo tackles. The J-man is a sledge hammer!

Press the play button below for highlights . . .


Anonymous said...

Nice job Jonah!

Scott Butler, IN

Soren said...

Way to go J! Frank you are a good Dad.

What I liked most was when Jonah made the tackle, he jumped up and ran back over to where he belonged. Instead of the showboating, hotdogging, in-your-face antics of today's college and pro players. When you make a tackle, act like you've done it before, instead of like you just won the lottery or something. Overpaid prima donnas.
Good job Jonah!