Friday, July 14, 2006

Zizou 'Da Man

The Boston Globe is condemning the actions of French soccer star Zinadine Zidane for head butting Italian Marco Materazzi during last week's World Cup final. What a bunch of panty-waists. Hello Boston sportswriters. . . have you ever been to a Bruins game? Author Frank Dell'Apa opines that insults and harsh words are part of sports and Zidane should have ignored it. So is fighting. The Bruins have dropped the gloves plenty of times. So have the Celtics. Even the erstwhile, blueblood Bosox have dusted it up a time or two.

Soccer's stock went up in my portfolio last week with the head butt heard 'round the world. (The only direction is could go, by the way.) For me, this sport has been been reminiscent of Zuzu's petals. That image has been replaced by Zizou's pounding.

I know, I know, it was "too violent." It was "unsportsmanlike." But the dude called his mother and sister whores. And he retaliated. Where I come from that is called justice. Part of the world - the part that sings "I'd like to teach the world to sing . . . " - may condemn Zidane, but I'm holding him up to my boys as a man who defended the honor of the women in his life.

Am I wrong in this?


Anonymous said...

I agree that this action maybe was not justified but expected. When someone hurls an insult of any kind, they must expect retaliation. Violence may have not been the answer but it certainly spiced up an otherwise very dull sport. I could go on forever about soccer as it seems to be the most meaningless sport in the history of modern man. I still get jazzed about the people who say they can't watch baseball because there isn't enough action. Well, I can't even begin to see the point in watching 11 guys (or whatever it is) run back and forth for 80 minutes with absolutely no offense. Boring!

A fight is the only thing you can hope to happen to liven things up.

Oh and yes, my kids will always be deterred from fighting until it simply demonstrates that there is no alternative. I don't believe that God expects us to be anyone's doormat.

Scott S - Butler

Soren said...

I hear ya Franky, but this was the World Cup final. It's not like he hadn't heard trash talk before. That's all it was -- trash talk. The opponent was trying to get into the guy's head, and he did.

First, win the game. Then beat the crap out of the guy for dissin' yo mama.

I agree with Scott though. Soccer = BORING!