Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cell Phone Funeral

Today at Frances Carr's funeral it finally happened. Someone's cell phone went off during the closing prayer, right about the time I was asking the Holy Spirit to comfort the assembled in their grief. I say "went off" because nobody's phone "rings" anymore. They all play some insipid, badly produced electronic melody (not to be confused with, say, a song).

Of course it took forever for the owner to find it, and shut it off. Meanwhile, we were all treated to a melodic version of . . . and I'm not kidding here . . . When the Saints Go Marching In.

I guess if you're too big a redneck to shut your phone off at a funeral, that is an appropriate song to hear.


Anonymous said...

derek young is in my class
francis l carr was his grandma
he said they never did find out whose cell phone went off

Anonymous said...

that is crazy