Monday, January 26, 2009

Irrrrelevant . . .

Most online news outlets seem to be encouraging readers to comment these days. From time to time I like to drop in and see what the crazies have to say about any given subject. Here in Lansing, there seem to be handful of folks that spend a considerable amount of time commenting on news stories. (Do these people have jobs?)

Of course, I never mind a cogent, relevant, logical thought even if it is in the comments section. As a blogger, I value the comments of my readers - except those big meanies that beat me up over the "Thoughts on my daughter's BF" post. Unfortunately, "colorful" commenters seem to be a bit too frequent at Consider these examples . . .

In an article headlined GM to slash 1,200 local jobs, the Journal announced another round of layoffs here in Lansing. Already deeply affected by the automotive meltdown, Lansing expects to suffer even more from this devastating blow to our community.

One "Chestercopperpot" opined:
Please watch this show. It's 30 minutes of your life that feels like 400 years. Be sure to pay attention to the high quality public access production value. Notice the dust, unbuttoned shirt, effects of a poor diet, and strange enough, you can actually see the various smells.
Huh? Was he reading what I was reading?

Brother pot is not the only enigma hanging out at the LSJ comment column. When the LSJ wrote a story entitled, Closed Stores foretell year ahead, experts say,"alwaysright2" offered this bit of helpful commentary:
Cheney and Rumsfeld were an important part of the Nixon administration. We never held Nixon responsible for his crimes so the criminals felt they could get away with crimes in the Bush administration too.
Yeah . . . um . . . okay. So apparently Dick Cheney was personally responsible for Steve and Barry's closing. Did I miss something? Did Steve and Barry go pheasant hunting with the former Vice President? The connection with Donald Rumsfeld makes a little more sense. Maybe Old Navy just got caught up in a round of base closures, or . . . something . . .

Truth be told, the best cracked pot reading isn't the actual responses to the LSJ's journalists. Nope, it is the comments written in response to . . . other comments. On a good day you might even be able to find someone freaking out on a third or fourth generation comment. Not that I, um, spend that much time looking.

For example, "tim74" reveals that his favorite pastime might not be reading the news, but rather might just be cracking on the folks that comment on the news. When the LSJ announced the retirement of a local elementary school principal, one former student commented, "Bill Thorson was my own Wacousta School princable. he will we hugly missed and loved. I wish him well."

Timbo sensitively wrote in reply "Hope he didn't teach spelling to you."

Nice. Very civil.

I've tried in vain to come up with a spiritual application for this phenomena, what with this being a preacher's blog and all. No luck. I guess I'll leave it up to you, faithful reader, to make the application.

Just post it in the comments section.


Mike C in Sarasota said...

A long time ago I lived in Lansing and attended the Church of Christ.

I'm somewhat amazed and dismayed by your comments. Is this what Christian ministry has become: being critical and judgemental? Shame on you.

mike waugh said...

I'm amazed and dismayed by brother Mike's critical and judgmental comment regarding Frank's critical and judgmental comments about the critical and judgmental comments left by critical and judgmental posters who have NOTHING better to do than leave critical and judgmental comments on the forums of the Lansing State Journal.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Mike W could say critical and judgemental that many times in one sentence.

Mike K in Indiana

James Pahl said...

and here's the thing, if Bono had allowed Kermit and Animal to join him in his '83 world tour the entire rap fad of the 90's would have never happened.

There, that should be more along the lines of what you're looking for here.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Mike C. Shouldn't a minister have an obligation to occasionally share something spiritually relevant if their personal blog is linked to a church website? Maybe it's time the personal blogger who thinks its okay to be so critical and judgemental should link his personal blog to a personal website and unlink from a Christian ministry website. Some of us are tired of his ramblings and are hungry for a real spiritual leader.

Speaking Frankly

Bill Wagner said...

To Mr/Ms cowardly Anonymous:

Obviously, you haven't followed Frankly Speaking very closely, or for very long. Frank has shared plenty of spiritual advice and does his best to try to spiritually lead by example. If you went back and read the archives, I am sure you, (and Mike C.,) would have to agree. But, even if you did not agree, there is a very simple solution. If you do not like what Frankly Speaking says, then quit reading it. You have the exact same choice everyone else has. To read, or not to read. If it upsets you, then don't read it. Sounds pretty simple to me.

Because there are 3 things true for each and every one of us:

1. NONE of us are perfect,
2. NONE of us are sinless, and
3. We ALL have the exact same free will God gave us.

Frankly speaking, I am very thankful we have a minister who can show his human side. If that bothers you, then I suggest you exercise your free will and read elsewhere. I'd like to see if you could live under a microscope and recieve as few criticisms as Frank does. I know I could not.

I thank God for sending Frank to be our Spiritual leader. May God continue to bless you Frank, you and your whole family.

Bill Wagner

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous #2 . . . I would be interested in your definition of a "real spiritual leader." Recently I was asked by someone to contemplate what makes one a "spiritual leader." I.e. What is the difference between a leader and a spiritual leader?

I make no claim to be spiritual - only real. Sometimes I am real good, other times I am real bad. At all times I am really grateful for grace.

Seriously, I desire to know: what has God revealed to you makes one a spiritual leader?

Sue Dohnim

Caleb said...

Anonymous number 2. This once again as it has been said before is my Dad's Blog. He has every right to post his opinion on whatever he wants, hence the name frankly speaking. Dont know i you actually took time to read that or just took the time to post a rude comment. Oh but wait one more thing, if you have the guts to say something critical and judgemental about what my dad has to say. Then why dont you grow up and leave you name.

Anonymous said...

I've known Frank for years, and I have to say that he would not post anything he wouldn't be willing to say personally. That would be face to face, so his identity would be known. Not anonymously, hiding behind a mouse and a keyboard.

Anyone that knows Frank would understand that most of what he says in jest could be mistaken for something critical. The comments made by some folks are totally irrelavant to the conversation, very much the type that I myself would ask if the person had any clue.

As for whether or not Frank should be posting things that don't have spirtual meaning, well, c'mon give the guy a break. Does he have to give a life lesson in every sentence he writes? For crying out loud, he is entitled to an opinion and he is allowed to joke around. And specifically to "Speaking Frankly" read some of the archives. Some of the best writing in the spiritual sense I've ever read. I'd say that you're very lucky that Frank is as nice a guy as he is, because were it my blog, well, I can guarantee my responses to you would be far from spiritual. I can't stand a coward.

And lastly to Frank, I don't know man. Seems to me people don't think you should be allowed to just be a man. I know how much this blog has always meant to you, but I'd be questioning if it were worth it. Seems like you're under a microscope with the whole critical world watching.

Take care,

Scott - Butler