Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Staff nicknames

The Secret Service has selected code-names for President-elect Obama and his family. They are:
President Obama: Renegade
First Lady Michelle: Renaissance
Daughter Malia: Radiance
Daughter Sasha: Rosebud.
Very cool. I wonder . . . if we were to hand super-cool monikers on each of the staff at South Lansing Christian Church, what would they be? Here are my nominations:
Senior Minister, Frank Weller: Afterburner
Associate Minister, Wally Lowman: Strings
Childrens' Minister, Betty Allen: Paczki
Church Secretary, Micki Holmes: Woodstock
Youth Minister, Chad Cronin: Pomo
Administrative Assistant, Sue Bockrath: Scrapbook
Building Manager, Chris Adleman: Available
Alright, Southies, let's hear your suggestions. Oh . . . and keep it clean.


Anonymous said...

Rod & Julie's nominations:

Senior Minister, Frank Weller: Friar Tuck
Associate Minister, Wally Lowman: Baloo
Childrens' Minister, Betty Allen: Mother Goose
Church Secretary, Micki Holmes: Yacky Doodle
Youth Minister, Chad Cronin: Fagin
Administrative Assistant, Sue Bockrath: Raggedy Ann
Building Manager, Chris Adleman: Buzz Lightyear

Unknown said...

Building Manager, Chris Adleman: Gilligan
Associate Minister, Wally Lowman: Skipper
Youth Minister, Chad Cronin: The Millionare
Childrens' Minister, Betty Allen: His Wife
Church Secretary, Micki Holmes: The Movie Star
Senior Minister, Frank Weller: The Professor
Administrative Assistant, Sue Bockrath: Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Frank would be Skipper, Wally would be professor, if there was a gilligan's theme.

Frank, you missed the alliteration in the SS codenames. Fail. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Senior Minister, Frank Weller: Michael Scott
Associate Minister, Wally Lowman:
Dewight Schrute
Childrens' Minister, Betty Allen:
Phyllis Smith
Youth Minister, Chad Cronin:
Jim Halper
Church Secretary, Micki Holmes:
Angela Martin
Administrative Assistant, Sue Bockrath:
Pam Beasley
Building Manager, Chris Adleman:
Darryl Philbin