Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Aussies get it . . .

Received these political cartoons from my friend, Gary, today. They're from Australian newspapers. Seems they get it. Why don't we?


Anonymous said...

Can the Aussie's vote in our election?

I think they should since they apparently understand our politics better than most Americans.


Rod Bisher said...

I posted this on my facebook page:

Any of you who know me personally, know that I have a deep desire for truth.
I haven't said much about the election and have posted only a couple of things concerning Nov. 4th. I would like you to know however, that I have been closely following all of the proceedings for the past five years. If you go to the polls with an attitude of who the best candidate is on the issues, you have missed the entire point of your vote. Your view of the issues will probably not be quite the same as someone elses. Oh, you may both agree on the principle of the issues, but how to go about making them better...well, therein lies the blockade, doesn't it.
So, how to vote...always vote platform. what do I mean.
Go here and listen to former congressman Bob McEwen's talk about platform.
If you disagree with him, then you'll know which platform to vote. If you agree with him, you'll know which platform to vote. Bob has the gift of making the complicated simple.