Friday, September 12, 2008

My kinda' dad

I love this story from the AP. A Florida dad heard strange noises coming from his daughter's bedroom. When he investigated he found a naked man in her bed. He did what I would have done. He grabbed a metal pipe and beat the dude over the head.

The dad didn't know it was his daughter's boyfriend. He didn't, in fact, know his daughter had a boyfriend. Naturally, he was arrested, charged with aggravated battery, and had to post a $10,000 bond in order to be freed.
If the justice system provides him with a jury of his peers, I have no doubt that he will be acquitted. For my part, if I ever find a naked boy in my daughter's room, I'll be grabbing for a metal pipe, too. Mine will have rifled sights at one end of the pipe and a trigger at the other end.

Can I get an "amen!"?


Soren said...

Amen and yea verily!

Anonymous said...

Crap! Now I'm gonna have to buy a double barrel - one for each daughter!

Bruce L.

Anonymous said...

You know I was just telling my dad the other day... That he'd be out by now if he would have shot my ex-brutha in law.

Who by the way, has not paid child support for his three children for 8 months.

Shoot, ready, aim!