Friday, August 22, 2008

How many houses do you own?

I own two, actually. Sold the one in Indiana on land contract, but technically I still hold the paper on it.

Apparently that is six less residences than are owned by the John McCain family. The Obama campaign launched an impressive ad after, when queried, Senator McCain was unable to say exactly how many houses he owns. According to a politico report several of the homes, which are all owned by either Cindy McCain or her dependent children, provide housing for the McCains' children and even Cindy's elderly aunt.

I'm thinking that Senator Obama might want to be careful with all this talk of housing. After all, he purchased a million dollar home from a now-convicted felon through what some are saying were shady circumstances. Even if completely on the up and up, one wonders why John McCain is so quickly criticized for owning homes in which his children, grand-children and wife's aunt live while Barack Obama's brother calls a tin shack in the heart of the Nairobi slums home.

If there isn't there room enough in the Obama mansion for his half-brother, perhaps Senator McCain would be willing to share a residence or two with Obama's younger brother George.

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Anonymous said...

I think I just heard a lightning bolt! What a great post...well put!